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First Bank of Nigeria Launches Chat Banking Channel on WhatsApp

TechInAfrica – Through a partnership with Clickatell Transact, First Bank of Nigeria launches its Chat Banking channel through a US-based instant app, WhatsApp. The launch of the Chat Banking channel allows the bank’s customers to do their banking activity through WhatsApp chat. First, they need to add First Bank’s WhatsApp phone number or access the First Bank’s verified profile to start a secure chat on Chat Banking channel.

Before the launching, Clickatell Transact has been constantly making innovations and improve customer experiences through multiple channels. It offers solutions for banks to improve their performance and services for their customers. The launch of Chat Banking on WhatsApp is Clickatell pioneer innovation. The aim is to create a riskless and convenient business engagement channel for customers.

First Bank's Chat Banking on WhatsApp
First Bank’s Chat Banking on WhatsApp via

Through the Chat Banking channel on WhatsApp, First Bank offers banking options to its customers, allowing them to do banking activities, such as balance checking, money transferring, payment making, as well as numerous digital products and services that customers are able to purchase right away. This innovation aims to create efficiency and engagement towards customers.

According to the Group Head, E-Business of First Bank of Nigeria Limited, Mr. Chuma Ezirim, “Customers’ expectations are constantly changing and it’s our duty as a customer-focused bank to ensure that our customers are provided with the means to initiate or carry out banking services through any channel they desire. We are constantly seeking new ways and opportunities to meet customers at their preferred touch points and we understand our customers are actively engaged on WhatsApp.”

In term of the partnership with First Bank of Nigeria, Clickatell is very committed to providing solutions in order to combat economic as well as social problems using Financial Technology (FinTech) innovations.

Speaking of its team up with First Bank, the Managing Director of Clickatell Transact Divison, Jeppe Dorff said: “We are very excited to be working with the team from First Bank of Nigeria who, in record time, implemented a complex user experience, soft launched and managed to improve on the already exceptional services that First Bank offers its customers. As a technology provider, Clickatell drives to delight both clients and their end-users through low code deployments and innovative upgrades. This rapid time to market and iteration capability of our offerings helps acquire new customers for our clients.”

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