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Ghanaians Views on Healthcare System According to Survey54

TechInAfrica – A mobile survey platform that has been focusing on the emerging markets and Africa, Survey54 has conducted a survey on Ghanaians’ perspectives and expectations in healthcare system and services in the country. To support its report, Survey54 used mobile technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Suvey54 report revealed the overall negative perception of the healthcare system in Ghana and suggested that the government needs to do impactful improvement in the healthcare system, especially in the rural areas of the country. Some problems like negligence regarding of the healthcare services accessibility have generated the negative perception in overall. Therefore, some improvement in these areas is highly needed.

Ghanaians Views on Healthcare System According to Survey54’s Report
Ghanaians Views on Healthcare System According to Survey54’s Report via

The Survey54’s report surveyed a group of 250 people from age 18 to 40 years old located in Accra, Ghana. They all are from a different type of socio-economic background, to ensure that the respondent’s diversity. Among the respondents, there are more than 60% who are lack of trust in medical workers (doctors and nurses). The survey also reveals that 82% of the respondents don’t have trust in the medicines qualities that are sold in the local pharmacies.

These respondents more preferred to trust private hospitals even though they have to pay for a higher price. Furthermore, they also agreed that customer satisfaction in most private hospitals is higher while the wait times are less. In other words, most of the respondents have a lack of trust in the government’s healthcare system in the country and trust private’s healthcare

Survey54 offers some suggestions to the government based on the report they revealed. The suggestions include inconsistencies improvement to change the public’s overall perception of Ghana’s healthcare system. Moreover, the government should exercise the policy inconsistency and make it relevant to the healthcare system in the country. The improvement is also needed in the development of private sector partnerships along with the financing strategies.

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