Why Golflan is Seen as a Way of Improving South African Golf

GolfLan Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd is a renowned world leading golf marketplace and technology provider. The company announced the expansion of their operations to the South African market to about 1.7 million golfers and 512 Golf courses. The strategy comes after registering strengthening their presence in South East Asia, India and Middle-East.

According to Dhruv Verma, Founder and CEO of GolfLan the expansion will help the firm in getting major cities in the African continent. Since the exposure to golf and technology is high in South Africa, it would be a ready market for their corporate and technology business. The advantage is that the South African market is already a developed one it only calls for pitching of more innovative golfing ideas and improved technology to make it more effective and accommodative.

For the beginning, South African golf courses can be found in the startup’s online platform giving the golfers a chance to book and enjoy golfing in the country. Golf cart management devices that come with GPS fitted carts, the technology to track the pace of play, 3D Flybys of the golf courses, and hole-by-hole guides for the course are some of the services that will be available in the company’s online platform. The startup will surely improve the love of the game. Unlike in the past where golfing was seen as a game for the relatively aged and for the rich, GolfLan is changing the perception by bringing everyone interested on the board.

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