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Huawei Launches the AfricaCom Conference in South Africa

TechInAfrica – A Chinese tech company, Huawei has just launched the telecom fair, the AfricaCom Conference in South Africa. It is the biggest of its kind in Africa. The event aims to point out the growth of video services.

Huawei claims that the demand for data services has increased, caused by the development of video itself, and furthermore, influence the global market demand. In fact, the IT-based manufacturer has included the latest video design and environments of video-based businesses and network strategies.

AfricaCom Conference 2018
AfricaCom Conference 2018 via

During his opening speech at the conference, David Chen, the VP of Huawei Southern Africa region said, “The strategic window for the video business opportunity is now open for Telcos. If video traffic proportion is doubled from 30% to 60%, DOU (Data of Usage) increases 5 times. The key is to enhance the user experience. As Huawei, we foresee a four hundred-billion-dollar market globally in video services for carriers over the next five years. Huawei hopes to strengthen the ability of operators to enhance the user experience and is committed to enabling operator success through video and experience-based network construction.”

The forum of the conference also pointed out how important the partnership between major video industry players are, especially those groups that provide OTT services. As for the local, the African mobile service providers and video-equipment manufacturers were also excited about the forum.

As one of the African countries, Mauritius has achieved 100% fiber coverage to households. Meanwhile, Mauritius Telecom uses the proper TV content emplacement strategy that is stimulated by the other African countries. In the near future, Mauritius Telecom in a partnership with Huawei will be launching 4-K ready IPTV platform in the country.

“The company is aiming to provide its customers with topnotch service quality and a Next Generation TV viewing experience,” Bobby says,” said the Chief Marketing Officer of Mauritius Telecom, Bobby Ramsoondur.

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