Open Omnia App Cracks the Hard Nuts of Mathematics

Open Omnia App Cracks the Hard Nuts of Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the subjects that presents pain in the neck of many scholars. Open Omnia comes with the solution to all the mathematics problems. Open Omnia is a web-based app developed to make high-quality maths education free and accessible. The platform will be launched in April 2018 in South Africa. It considers all students from the different socio-economic background.

Open Omia aims at assisting students who struggle with mathematics to understand it. The platform gives step-by-step illustrations for many mathematical questions. The app is currently available in creator and But the founders are working to extend it to an app for smartphones and tablets. This will make it accessible to a big number of people hence assisting more individuals.

Student’s key in a mathematical problem and the app gives back steps to the solution of the problem. That makes it easier for the student to learn how to come up with the answer. The program is free for all students irrespective of their backgrounds. Therefore, the platform promotes inclusivity working towards government’s radical economic transformation agenda.

Lloyd Gordon from Kwa-Zulu Nata is the sole founder of the platform. Gordon came second in the 2017 Inkunzi Isematholeni Youth in Business Competition. The competition had 198 participants. Gordon won a price worth R50 000 marketing voucher meant to help market his innovation. Inkunzi Isematholeni is run by Ithala Development Finance Corporation. The completion attracts youths with sustainable and innovative business concepts. It also helps entrepreneurs with advice and funding. Moreover, they are working to ensure that they become seasoned entrepreneurs.

Gordon had to take part in the competition when it went to their university. The innovator who is 25 years of age is waiting for his final year academic results. South Africa offers enough support to the young entrepreneurs in the country.  However,  the young are not patient enough with the progress. A breakthrough in the field takes time, hence it calls for patient and assistance. Ithala has issued out R878 600 000 to almost 700 businesses in the last three years. It has also managed to create more than 8,000 jobs of which 25% is a women-owned business. Besides, almost 40% youths in the program have Ithala loans.

‘Imbokodo Iyazenzela’ Women in SMMEs Awards and Siyasebenza are other programs under Ithala. They also speed up SMME development and empower women and youth from marginalized communities. Imbokodo Iyazenzela is also referred to as Women doing it for themselves. It was tested in 2015 and has so far reached more than 3,000 women from 16 towns.  Siyasebenza has reached more than 2,000 SMMEs across all 11 districts of KZN.

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