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Africa Data Centres now offers remote peering at Jinx and Cinx.


Africa Data Centres will give the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (also called Jinx) and the Cape Town Internet Exchange “free peering” from any of its data center facilities (Cinx).

Internet exchanges such as Jinx and Linx, as well as the Teraco-operated NAPAfrica, allow Internet service providers to swap traffic effortlessly, keeping traffic flows local and lowering costs.

Instead of taking months, they can do deployments in just a few minutes.

The CEO of Africa Data Centres, Tesh Durvasula, said in a statement that remote peering is just one more way the company helps customers get the benefits of peering at INX-ZA without having to build and run their infrastructure in Europe.

Customers can now connect directly to Internet exchanges without setting up a point of presence. Instead, they can use the infrastructure that is already in place. Having this ability cuts down on capital costs and makes things simpler. Instead of taking months, they can do deployments in just a few minutes.

Durvasula said that customers will be able to ask INX-ZA for ports the same way they always have, and Africa Data Centres will pay for the ports and cross-connects. However, the customer will still handle the technical relationship between the customer and INX-ZA.




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