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The second cohort of the Alibaba Netpreneur Program includes more than 360 African entrepreneurs.


Alibaba Global Initiatives (AGI), a part of Alibaba Group that focuses on professional training, signed up more than 360 African entrepreneurs for the second class of its Alibaba Netpreneur Training program today at a virtual opening ceremony. This was made possible by Africa’s Business Heroes prize competition, a charity that aims to help and inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs.

The training is set to run from today until November 10. Its goal is to give entrepreneurs and business leaders from different fields concrete steps they can take to move forward in the digital economy. Its debut follows the success of the inaugural class, which graduated 70 African students last October.

After a strict selection process, the final candidates from all over Africa will start a series of online classes to learn how to use technology to grow their businesses in the local economy. Participants come from various fields, including agriculture, education, information, and communication technology (ICT), and trading, and each founded their start-up.

Start-delighted to be able to continue working toward our mission of educating business owners about the opportunities presented by the digital economy and to celebrate the enrollment of our second group of African participants in this program.

With businesses turning to online channels to stay afloat during the pandemic, consumers and entrepreneurs are no longer unfamiliar with the concept of digitalization.

“We hope that this edition of our Alibaba Netpreneur Training will assist African entrepreneurs in developing long-term, savvy digital strategies that will provide them with more opportunities,” said Dan Liu, Senior Advisor at Alibaba Global Initiatives.

The Alibaba Netpreneur Training program is taught online in English by certified Alibaba trainers and business leaders who have successfully run their digital businesses.

Participants can broaden their knowledge and comprehension of the following:

  • China’s digital economy and the latest trends and practices that are affecting its growth
  • The experiences of a few traditional organizations that were able to undergo digital transformation successfully.
  • The evolution of Alibaba’s business, including the role of digital technology in assisting the growth of companies within its ecosystem.
  • Frameworks and approaches for establishing a profitable and innovative business in today’s digital age

When they finish the program, participants will get an e-certificate and be able to join the AGI entrepreneur community.

The community is made up of an eclectic mix of successful and enthusiastic businesspeople with similar philosophies, and it offers unparalleled possibilities to network, interact, and learn from one another.

Exceptional participants will also have the chance to participate in an offline immersion program in the headquarters of Alibaba in Hangzhou, China, for one week, provided that they satisfy the requirements for the online course.

Since it started in 2019, the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program has helped train close to 1,500 entrepreneurs in Africa, Europe, Latin America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.




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