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The Cameroonian startup Taaply, which develops and sells digital business cards, has successfully acquired $500,000 in funding.


Cameroonian company Taaply, which initially concentrated on the digitization of business cards, has today announced the completion of a funding round for US$500,000 alongside the introduction of an updated mobile app and website.

Taaply is a digital business card service that came out in 2021 to lower Africa’s carbon emissions.

With the latest investment, app updates, and website improvements, the company said that Taaply could effectively compete for growth opportunities in the healthcare and health insurance markets.

Users’ data-sharing experiences will be revolutionized, and the redesigned website will assist users in further digitizing and managing their social and professional ties. The website also offers novel and exciting goods.

It is believed that the newly revised Taaply app and website, both of which have been subjected to detailed design and testing, would make the data sharing process easier the process of exchanging information between app users, which simplifies the process of exchanging business or personal contact information on any smart device by making it as simple as tapping your Taaply digital business card.

By implementing this update, the company is strategically positioning itself to eventually become one of Africa’s most successful digital solutions technology businesses.

Taaply added that it believed that by taking this action, it would be able to serve the growing demand for the whole spectrum of both fixed and mobile healthcare services from private individuals as well as business organizations.

Taaply is already well-established in several markets across Africa, Europe, and North America, and the company has lofty goals for its future expansion.




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