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Bolt Kenya introduces new range of electric scooters and e-motorbikes


A new range of e-scooters and e-bikes will power Bolt’s expansion into the Kenyan food delivery market. The bid purposefully tries to solidify its presence within the Kenyan food delivery market. Bolt’s on-demand transport service launched several branded and environmentally friendly ride-hailing options that provide lighter, smarter, and cost-effective modes of transportation. This will eliminate the challenge of high fuel prices in turn reducing driver operational and maintenance costs.

The Star reports that Bolt’s new move is geared towards reducing the company’s environmental footprint. Electric bicycles and tuk-tuks will be used by its food couriers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the food delivery segment into a lucrative segment of the business. High fuel prices have seen couriers shy away from this segment as the pay is less when contrasted with the distance covered.

Bolt ventured into food delivery in March 2021 just as the third wave of coronavirus kicked in. Kenya is the first of the African markets in which Bolt operates


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