CEO’s Tech Interest Inspired from the Cybercafé

Timothy Adeleye

Timothy Adeleye is an entrepreneur and CEO of the Optiweb Communications. Optiweb Communications is a digital innovation and multi-solution company aiming to develop valued innovation to businesses and consumers across Africa. Therefore, the company seeks to meet the demand of African Mobile Market, and the company has several subsidiaries in Nigeria and abroad. His first business venture was developing the first interactive mobile SMS educational platform in Africa that was meant to bridge the gap between classroom teaching and examination success in Nigeria when the country was facing mass failure in the national examinations.

As a child, he would be sent home for lack of fees, and during this time at home, he would go to the near cybercafé to learn how computers work. His curiosity was developed from the fascination of being able to operate a computer. His frequent visits to the cybercafé captured the manager’s attention who decided to teach him some computer operations. Subsequently, the more he learned, the more he became more curious about computer technology, and his appetite for knowledge drove him to achieve his dream of owning an excellent tech company.

One of his greatest accomplishment includes featuring in the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 2018 list. In 2011, he was listed as the semi-finalist in the Anzisha Prize Africa Leadership Academy & MasterCard Innovations Award. Afterward, his company, Optiweb Communications clinched the prestigious Etisalat Innovations award as The Most Innovative Service Provider. On top of that, he has been recognized across the continent due to some of their innovative solutions. Moreover, in 2017, he launched his company’s media subsidiary, Opticom Media Nigeria Limited.

Currently, Adeleye’s business operates in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast and he takes pride in this success because his company can offer value and solutions, which gives him a bigger scope regarding the potential across the continent. His primary motivation comes from the numerous needs across Africa that require innovative solutions hence giving entrepreneurs a rich potential. For a tech industry, this is phenomenal because the needs are ever changing thus raising more questions, which push the company to reach for the top and achieve its objectives through solving societal problems.


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