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Hitachi Vantara to Partner with Networks Unlimited Africa


TechInAfrica – In welcoming the fourth Industrial Revolution, many have taken attempts in tackling notions regarding Internet of Things (IoT)—offering seamless connectivity between objects and humans as their users. Hitachi Vantara, a global data storage systems, software and services provider operating in the fields of internet-based communication, recently had an agreement to partner with Networks Unlimited Africa.

Marcel Fouché, networking and storage general manager at Networks Unlimited Africa, asserted that this partnership brings the company to a new potential of heights via sustainable development throughout sub-Saharan Africa—covering select particular areas with a product line alone of approximately 40,000 items. The company also claims to provide feasibility regarding areas such as IoT, data analytics, digital transformation, hybrid cloud, storage and applications, as well as several other industry solutions.

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In addition, Networks Unlimited Africa professed that the company is a highly focused distributor; tackling issues with the support of their own professional services.

Fitting in more and more each passing second towards the impending technology globalization, Hitachi Vantara’s business in the fields of operational technology boasts an astonishing 100 years of experience—while also having over 60 years of experience in information technology. Such milestones are always supported by the company’s professionalism to provide improvement towards their clients (and their respective customers, of course).

Furthermore, Fouché also acknowledged:

Hitachi Vantara mainly offers storage solutions for enterprises and midsize organizations, but also includes other hardware, software, data analytics and consultation services for many areas of IT and businesses within its portfolio.

In the modern world, data is almost as valuable as gold. Revealing the path to intelligent innovation while partnering with a company that assists in its management and optimization, Networks Unlimited Africa slowly but surely builds a more reliable data security platform.



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