The Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD) and Education Above All Foundation (EAA) Launch a Joint Program


TechInAfrica —  The Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), represented by its Director General, Dr. Waleed Al Wohaib launched a joint program with Education Above All Foundation (EAA). The partnership aims for the development of shared intellectual work on out of school children in Mali, Nigeria, and Pakistan. The program has a potential expansion to other countries.

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The joint program was announced during the ISFDEAA seminar on “Financing for Out of School Children” at United Nation’s Headquarter in New York on September 28, 2018. The seminar was joined by Ms. Stefania Giannini, the Assistant Director-General for Education of UNESCO, Hon. Marie Bibeau, the Minister of International Development in Canada, Prof. Abinou Témé, the Minister of Education in the Republic of Mali, and many other high dignitaries.

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The Director-General of ISFD, Dr. Waleed Al Wohaib delivered his speech on the seminar in New York. He stated that the joint program with EAA has three principles, including leveraging innovative joint financing to avail additional concessional resources, broadening the participation of non-state actors in educational service delivery to create national capacity, and focusing on inclusive and quality educational outcomes.

Al Wohaib continued, he said that ISFD is committed to develop and better improve the education and youth empowerment. Moreover, it will continue its support for EAA to promote access to quality education for unfortunate and marginalized children worldwide and give them a hope for a better future.

As its Sustainable Development Goals, the ISFD and EAA Out of School Children Program focus on promoting inclusive and equitable quality education and short-term learning for more than 2.4 million of out-of-school children to be registered and restrained in school and 245 thousand teachers to be trained by the end of the program.

Not only is the program a product of the partnership between ISFD and EAA, but also 18 national NGOs and UN Agencies. They are all partners of the program that have the same mission for giving a better and quality education for marginalized children around the world.

Dr. Waleed Al Wohaib made his statement about the program. He stated, “ISFD to achieve its goal believe in joining forces with others and building strategic partnerships worldwide. We aim to specifically identify new partners that are qualified, passionate and share the goal of enhancing human dignity.”

The ISFD has a major objective to create a global partnership for out-of-school children. It has already spread almost 60 million children worldwide.


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