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Ivory Coast mobility startup MojaRide partners with O-CITY


Ivorian startup MojaRide has announced a partnership with O-CITY on the next phase of future expansion and digital innovation. The mobility-as-a-service company is offers a reservation and cashless payment system for transportation services across Abidjan.

MojaRide was founded in 2020 to give commuters an easy way of booking and paying for digital rides. Meanwhile transport operators can carefully manage their fleet routes and payment methods. MojaRide is based in Abidjan, a city with over 350,000 ‘woro-woro’ share taxis and 8,000 ‘Gbaka‘ minibusses. All are run by independent vehicle owners. Since its launch, MojaRide has acquired a lead market share on multiple transportation services across the city. Over 1,200 buses and taxis are supported on its platform.

The company is looking to expand its growth by pushing for innovation services in mobility across Abidjan and other parts of West Africa using the help of O-CITY.

O-CITY is an automated fare collection solution operating in 130 cities worldwide. Using an open loop platform, O-CITY helps public transportation drivers accept different payment methods from their passengers. This includes the ‘Moja Carte’ pre-paid card, QR Codes, and NFC which are regularly topped for public transport.

Jean-Claude Gouesse, MojaRide’s founder believes O-CITY’s technology delivers a “frictionless payment experience,” ensuring transparency in “pricing and operational management.” 

Tokhir Abdukadyrov, O-CITY’ Director expressed termed the new partnership with MojaRide as a way for the latter to “ease travel journeys” for its commuters and transporters via digital transformation.

We previously covered the investment by Mobility54 into MojaRide.


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