Linum Labs Hosts ‘Chainging The Game’ Blockchain Meetup

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Linum Labs will host a Blockchain Meetup on Wednesday, the 27th of June, at Rise Cape Town at the Woodstock Exchange.

This month’s event, titled ‘Chainging The Game’, will focus on blockchain technology and gaming development. The event is designed to introduce attendees into the dynamic world of blockchain, covering various aspects of Bitcoin, Ethereum and gaming applications.


Presentations will explore the current state of the blockchain gaming industry, existing applications as well as the current challenges faced by businesses actively participating in the space.


The aim of this event is to provide an open platform for individuals to learn more about Ethereum and Blockchain, ask questions, share ideas and to make valuable connections within the industry.


The evenings’ presentations will be lead by developer, Ryan Noble of Linum Labs, and keynote speaker, Gert Kruger, CEO of Augmentors.


Augmentors is an augmented reality, multiplayer mobile game built on the blockchain. The game has gained significant recognition after receiving investment from Gil Oved and tech mogul Vinny Lingham, through his investment firm Newtown Partners, on Shark Tank South Africa.

‘By combining mobile gaming and the blockchain, we’re allowing gamers to have true ownership of in-game assets, no one can take it away from you and you can have total control over it. Meaning that they can actually sell and trade in-game assets safely through the public ledger. We’re using the most advanced technology with Augmentors – both from an Augmented Reality and Blockchain perspective, and we’re looking forward to giving people a chance to experience this in our final Alpha next month’, says Gert Kruger.


Blockchain technology is set to completely disrupt the online gaming community.  ‘A shared data system for gaming is a relatively new concept. This emerging technology opens up immense possibilities from a storytelling perspective, to the concept creation of the digital self or identity that is permanently recorded on the blockchain. Uniting blockchain technology and gaming applications can secure and accelerate the development of player identity providence, interoperating gaming economies, shared state universes and more’, says Ryan Noble.


As the blockchain industry evolves, gaming applications will evolve. This is just the beginning of how emerging technologies will develop a new era of digital innovation.


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