Medivic, new telehealth app in SA

Medivic app offers safe and secured video teleconferencing


MediVic, a digital health application has entered the local telemedicine space. Launched by South African company MediVic Hub, a company actively invested in the health sector. The app offers e-consultation without going through much trouble.

Among the apps’ features are telehealth to telecare solutions, non-emergency care, remote patient management applications, decision support, and disease management services.

Desmond Mahamu, is MediVic Hub’s CEO and confirms that the app was created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The app mainly caters to managing patients remotely, telehealth and telecare solutions, decision making support, and the management of diseases. The global services industry has affected how people interact with one another, with the situation exacerbating with the Covid-19 pandemic. Customer satisfaction is a whole new concept that needs rethinking too.

The Board of Healthcare Funders approved the shift towards the adoption of phone calls and video calls in treating patients. Health Professions Council of South Africa also amended guidelines in support of telemedicine as a way of allowing healthcare professionals to adopt this approach when consulting with their patients.

MediRite and Clicks are pharmaceutical are some of the local clinics that have implemented nationwide video-conferencing. Alternatively, Signapps the telemedicine platform has digitized South Africa’s public and private hospitals with the rollout of a communications and video conferencing platform. Among the centers chosen are Chris Hani Baragwanath, Charlotte Maxeke, Edendale Hospital, Johannesburg General Academic Hospital, and Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

E-consultation features some form of document sharing that automatically sends out prescriptions. Alternatively, patients can pick their pharmacy of choice and choose the best collection and delivery options with e-consultation functionality.

Telemedicine is where you can see your doctor without leaving the comfort of our home. With that in mind, Medivic is prioritizing security and data privacy as their main areas of concern.

Source: ITWeb


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