Mobile Data Reverse-Billing Launched in South Africa

Mobile Data Reverse-Billing


There is a significant increase in the number of smartphones acquisition in South Africa. This is according to The Interactive Advertising Bureau of South Africa (IAB SA) reports. This can lead to many countries coming in to reduce the bill on data usage. Companies like biNU can partner with mobile operators to reduce the billing of data.

biNu is an Australian based company with one of its office in Cape Town. They run the #datafree platform. The platform hosts apps like SA Breaking News, Cosmo Lite and Goal Zero. The apps are only available in Androids. The apps are also smaller in size compared to other mobile apps. They use no data when used by customers on Cell C, Telkom, and Vodacom. biNU and various data providers first reached an agreement on working formulas. biNu is responsible for calculating and billing all the data consumed by the app after the agreement. Besides, the platform records the data used by the customers.

biNu, later on, forwards invoices to respective companies. The apps have a section known as the Catch. The Catch allows users to watch a short video frequently. For instance, one can watch a one 10 second video advert after every 30 minutes. The videos do not need data to run. The idea succeeded after trials on various platforms. The idea has been tested on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. It helps in paying for the platform apart from getting advertisement money.

Cosmo Lite and Goal Zero are some of the apps that are built on the biNu app publishing platform. The platform can also take an app or website and render all or some of its content #datafree. The user of #datafree can get revenue through advertisement. Children from poor areas can all get education materials from the platform for free. Cooperates can also provide mobile training materials for their staff via the website. The idea is new in South Africa but it has been working in various countries across the world.


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