Nosizwe Sigwae Gives Priority to Science and Technology in Africa

Nosizwe Sigwae Gives Priority to Science and Technology in Africa

Nosizwe Sigwae once worked with the Young African Leader (YALI) in 2017. During that period, she gained many skills and viewed the unemployment situations in Africa. She, later on, started to figure out how the youths can reduce the unemployment rates. Currently, Nosizwe who is from Swaziland works with the African Union. She works under the division of Science, Technology, and Innovation (AOSTI).

Nosizwe uses her own country as the learning point. She gauges at the implemented means that have been put in place to curb unemployment rates. The reduction of unemployment will improve the economy of any country globally. She sees the best way to do that is through Science and Technology. Swaziland can make this happen through the Royal Swazi Science and Technology Park. Moreover, this lady who had to work as a volunteer at some stage hosted a workshop. The workshop is named Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI). The main goal is to boost the Sustainability of Enterprises for Young Africans. Therefore, Johannesburg South Africa hosted the workshop in November 2017.

The main aim was to remind the African youths that entrepreneurship is a science. Once realized it would help to improve businesses. Any enterprises do well when Science and Technology, and Innovation become its bedrock. The workshop identified challenges faced by the young entrepreneurs. It also looked to develop a culture of using ST&I data in the daily activities. The workshop wanted to start an AOSTI youth platform for the young entrepreneurs. It helps youths to share and empower one another on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Nosizwe also hopes to take MTN Swaziland move to greater heights. The project is to help the country in many perspectives. She is planning to visit technology parks across Africa. This will help find ways on how to assist people through integration. The project has already attracted interest from the European Union. The union was ready to share ideas and partner with young African entrepreneurs.

Nosizwe gets motivation from her mother who is a scientist at the University of Pretoria. But the passion for entrepreneurship is from her father. She is currently researching on all the 55 African countries. She develops Bibliometric Outlook that makes her part of the monitoring group. The group monitors and evaluates projects in Africa. Later on, they recommend on their growth and sustainability through Science and Technology.


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