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Mukuru Enables Sign-Up Feature to WhatsApp


TechInAfrica – After upgrading its application, Mukuru added a new self-sign up feature to its WhatsApp content. Mukuru’s new application can be downloaded on Android and iOS. It will enable users to send money to 12 countries Botswana, Bangladesh, DR Congo, Eswatini, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

These two channels, Mukuru’s new application, and new feature are expected to allow users to sign-up and have important transactions from home. 

Andy Jury, CEO of Mukuru said that the development of the Mukuru Application is based on customers’ inquiries. Hence, Mukuru has developed and provided a solution that supports its customers to send money back home to their families in a safe and convenient way. The customers are allowed to have transactions when and wherever they need to through the existing USSD and WhatsApp offerings. Mukuru application also enables its customers to have a richer experience and more control to manage their profile. 

The jury added that Mukuru is committed to providing the most comfortable service for its customers when conducting transactions – and the technical expertise and innovation continually presents Mukuru’s dedication to empowering and encouraging the end-user. 

Mukuru is continually upgrading its platform, which is shown by the fact that it is one of several financial services providers in Southern Africa that provides a solution of transacting via an application, USSD, and/or WhatsApp for customers. These new capabilities indicate Mukuru’s seriousness to the financial freedom of its customers and making life easier no matter what circumstances they face. 



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