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Mukuru Widen Its Coverage in Southern Africa

source: PEP Zambia

TechInAfrica – It was announced that Mukuru is broadening its reach across Southern Africa. This expansion occurs after the payment provider informed it perceived a 20-fold growth in monthly transactions inside Zimbabwe.

Andy Jury, CEO of Mukuru, stated that Mukuru increases its physical area in Southern Africa and provides services for more people by using booths and an entrepreneurial agent network. The development was balanced with the advanced digitization of key ways in the Mukuru remittances process.  

By having digital access through USSD, WhatsApp, and the Mukuru App, customers will have the opportunity to receive the convenience from the application. They access things like self-sign up, including digital KYC and onboarding, which is not only increasing the brand’s existence but also is moving customers that much is closer to financial inclusion and higher levels of financial transaction edification. 



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