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Namibia launches Crypto kiosk it’s first Bitcoin Atm


Namibia’s first Bitcoin automated teller machine is located in the Crypto Kiosk at the Maerua Mall in Windhoek.

The Crypto Kiosk is functioning in full compliance with the requirements of the Namibian Financial Intelligence Centre by all laws that are relevant in Namibia as well as internationally.

Bitcoin ATMs are akin to traditional ATMs, except instead of connecting directly to a bank account, they directly connect to a cryptocurrency exchange or private wallet.

Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, two of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, are both available for purchase and sale at the Crypto Kiosk.

To utilize the Crypto Kiosk, the user must already own either a cryptocurrency wallet, like Coinbase or an account with a cryptocurrency exchange, like Binance.

If you are at the Crypto Kiosk and find that you need assistance, you can call the customer support centre at any time of the day or night using the mobile phone number displayed on the machine. In addition, the organization is equipped with CCTV cameras to guarantee that we can monitor the well-being of our clients at all times. We’re constantly looking forward to offering our customers in this emerging market for cryptocurrencies with the highest possible level of service, and we hope to do so shortly a statement by Aminah Nauyoma of Crypto Kiosk Investment, which you can read here:

As the market for blockchain-based financial services expands, automated teller machines are projected to become an essential access point for users, particularly those who do not have bank accounts. In this sense, the Crypto Kiosk offers a viable solution for individuals unable to use traditional financial services, such as internet banking, due to their geographical location.

There are presently thirty-eight thousand three hundred and seventeen Bitcoin ATMs in seventy-seven nations. 

The user will be required to provide the Crypto Kiosk with personal information, such as their selfie, mailing address, Namibian ID number, and ma, before processing the transaction.

Customers who do transactions totalling more than N$5000 are required to give their residence address and a copy of their identification documents as per the present regulatory standards.




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