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What is Nigeria’s Plan on Welcoming the 5G Network?


TechInAfrica – 5G networking has long been a polemical issue inside the tech industry. Despite promoting ultra-fast, seamless wireless networking, 5G has also been regarded due to its difficulty in implementation—as well as the lack of technical expertise underlines further why the idea isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, in welcoming its upcoming roll out in Nigeria, the country has readied plans to enhance mobile broadband application.

Umar Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman of Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), asserted that African countries are competing healthily to tackle the impending digitization by building supporting infrastructures for broadband applications. In Nigeria, particularly, the country shifts its focus on 26, 38 and 42 GHz—in which these frequencies exist and are not licensed for any other application.

“The other important step that African countries are taking is to address new forms of social anxiety occasioned by this emerging technology, 5G. There’s also the regulatory anxiety. And therefore, to do that, because of the practice we had in the past every service we deploy is normally preceded by proof of concept trial. And the 5G is not an exception definitely there’s going to be the trial as preparations are underway for this important trial to take place,“ Danbatta stressed.

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Challenges to implement this idea include power density, levels of radiation, as well as security issues. These ideas are to be analyzed further, with the goal to make the notion acceptable for the international non-ionization radio regulatory agencies. Furthermore, the trial phase of 5G roll out in the area serves as a method to address public anxiety—eventually, the public will adapt and be receptive to these new branches of important technology.

“Without pervasive infrastructure the dream of roll out of 5G services will remain what it is, just a dream. On this we need to share experiences. In Nigeria, we have divided the country into seven zones, and each zone has been assigned an infrastructure company to deploy broadband infrastructure,” Danbatta added.



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