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OLED TV, LG’s Roll-able TV Is Launched 

Photo by Maurizio Pesce from Flickr

TechInAfrica – The LG Signature OLED R (model RX) was officially launched by LG. The new TV which becomes the first rollable TV in the world was priced at $87 000. According to the tech company, rollable TV is the definition of exclusive, an exceptional feat of engineering.

The LG Signature OLED R offers a liquid-smooth 65-inch flexible OLED display that occupies the self-lighting pixel technology and individual dimming control to present high picture quality. 

Not only did the R letter consist of the TV’s name signifying the rollable feature, but also to show that it becomes a revolutionary TV in the home entertainment space. It will redefine the relationship between a TV that can disappear by touching the button and the surrounding area. 

LG creates products for its users to confine them from wall limitation, enabling the owner to curate their living environment without setting aside space for the large black screen permanently, since the TV is only useful when turned on. 

Park Hyoung-sei, president of LG Home Entertainment Company said that the smooth union of technological and design innovation displayed on LG SIGNATURE OLED R is an accomplishment that has not been achieved yet. It truly deserves to be called a work of art. 

Hyoung-sei added that The LG Signature OLED R is a luxurious product that rearranges what television can be. This unique TV brings a different user experience and a new way of thinking about space while once again confirming LG’s leadership in the premium TV market. 



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