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Paycode, A South African Financial Technology Selected in The Mastercard Start Path Program


TechInAfrica – One of South Africa finance technology companies, Paycode, has been chosen to join the MasterCard Start Path Program. Paycode is one of 10 international startups that is selected in this program. 

This program is specifically created for later-stage startups, to help them increase the growth and expansion, as well as developing the network of solutions and technology owned by MasterCard. 

For most startups, this selection can be one of the significant moments for them since MasterCard Start Path receives about 1500 applications from startups in a year. From the 1500 applicants, only 2 percent accepted in this program. 

Paycode CEO, Ralph Pecker said that the selection by MasterCard to be the part of Start Path program will assist them to reach their mission in order to provide financial services for 100 million African with low-cost. Paycode plans to help people in rural areas with no connectivity to experience benefits of financial services without leaving their village, such as receiving remittances, making purchases and getting access to credit and more.  

Now Paycode is operating in South Africa, including eight other countries such as Botswana, Ghana, Guinea, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia. This fintech startup will prove that the acceleration they received from MasterCard Start Path program will make Paycode reach its target, which is gaining 100 million customers. 



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