Press Release: Uganda-based e-Immigration Solution, eKiosks Delivers Fast-track Passenger Identification at Entebbe Airport


TechInAfrica – e-Kiosks is a self-service e-Immigration solution that builds on a global digital security company, Gemalto. Gemalto creates New Border Management System (BMS) and eKiosks to facilitate secure and faster passenger identification at Entebbe airport, Uganda. E-Kiosks uses fingerprint, facial recognition, and a passport scan to accurately identify travelers who leave the country.

Gemalto partnering with a local partner SCINTL, has been granted the contract for Entebbe airport’s BMS supply, including eKiosks to create more convenient passenger identification and to further strengthen homeland security. The eKiosks self-service system is built on the Visa Management System (VMS) of Gemalto. It was first deployed in 2014 by Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC), Uganda’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The implementation of a self-service passenger identification, eKiosks at Entebbe airport, Kampala is expected to increase the capacity of handling the growing number of visitors. Back in 2017, there were around one and a half million travelers visited the country and the number is expected to keep growing. Among those visitors, there are business and leisure visitors.

Uganda-based e-Imigration Solution, eKiosks Delivers Fast-track Passenger Identification at Entebbe Airport
Uganda-based e-Immigration Solution, eKiosks Delivers Fast-track Passenger Identification at Entebbe Airport via

e-Immigration solution eKiosks is complete this year. Passengers will be able to experience fast and self-service identification while authorities are equipped with real-time data on departures from Uganda.

The Gemalto’s VMS service uses combined applications, processing, and issuance of prepaid visas and permits and integrates them into a secure and convenient online portal. Gemalto has become a technology partner of DCIC after winning the Uganda Government’s JLOS ICT Innovation Award in December 2017.

Jeje A. Ongo, Minister of Internal Affair for Ugandan Government said that Gemalto is a valued and proven partner of DCIC, “The new ABC – Automated Border Control Solution ( marks the latest step forward in the modernization, enhancement of security of border control management in Uganda, delivering important benefits for visitors and citizens alike.”

Meanwhile, Thierry Mesnard, the VP Sales Africa for Gemalto, said,  “Rapid growth in international air travel is going hand in hand with profound cross-border threats such as terrorism, illegal immigration and organized crime. With the introduction of advanced automated kiosks at Entebbe Airport, the Ugandan authorities are once again demonstrating their commitment to addressing all these challenges.”

“SCINTL will provide vital local support and know-how for a solution that encompasses supply, installation and maintenance. Overseas visitors are playing a key role in Uganda’s economic development, and many will now enjoy the option of a safe, fast-track border crossing experience,” said Cephas T. Bushuyu, Managing Director for SCINTL.

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