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Previous Nigerian Bank CEO Bring Out Finance and Business Focused Digital Ecosystem

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TechInAfrica – Uzoma Dozie, the Nigerian entrepreneur and former Diamond Bank CEO has established an ecosystem in digital, known as Sparkle. This digital ecosystem aims to supply financial lifestyle and business assistance service to Nigerians around the world. 

Having been granted a banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Sparkle is launched to support Nigerians to accomplish their potential. Sparkle brings comprehensive help for individuals including flexible payments, savings, and analytics to give greater exemption, adaptability and power over finances and lifestyle once and for all.

Sparkle that has been supported by data and technology, now is available for iOS and Android users – providing full and free access for customers to one account which gives various services and different wallets. 

The users of this digital ecosystem will receive the visibility over spending patterns, with a specific analysis of payment by category, according to the company. This also included the saving tool that aimed towards particular purposes, such as Sparkle Stash. 

This service makes users easy to divide payments and bills, make substitutes and bill payments, as well as send and receive money in the Sparkle network and with other local banks.

Sparkle is working with some international companies such as VISA, Microsoft and PwC Nigeria to release freedom. flexibility and transparency in Nigeria. It also aims to support the development of Nigeria’s budding entrepreneurs and individuals.



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