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Pick n Pay is Using Machine Learning to Transform How People Shop


TechInAfrica – Pick n Pay revealed that machine learning will be utilized to change discounts for Smart Shoppers automatically. This innovation is expected to help customers save more on when shopping at the grocery shop.   

Using this advanced technology, Pick n Pay hopes to give each shopper eight personalised discounts every two weeks. These are unique to each customer and offer cash-off savings, discounts or boosted points for products they buy most often.

Pick n Pay expects that by utilizing this new advanced technology, each shopper can receive eight personalized discounts every two weeks. 

John Bradshaw, retail executive of marketing at Pick n Pay said that the algorithm of the machine predicts what is desired by customers and helps Pick n Pay to provide customers personalized funds on the things they want or plan to purchase. 

The improvement of technology means that customers do not have to activate their personalized price reduction like in previous purchasing. To be able to get this reward, customers need to assure they have been allowed to be contacted. This personal preference can be updated by the customers through application, website, or at in-store kiosks. 

All Pick n Pay customers will receive and spend points they have gotten, however, many of them were not collecting the full rewards of the programme by not continually loading the personalized price reduction. This innovation will help customers to instantly put money back on their wallets at a time when the prices are under pressure. 



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