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ProLabs bolstering Campus Network upgrades to promote e-learning


Several South African universities have made great progress on their e-learning with students since the Covid-19 pandemic began. This was even before the lockdown situation. The shift to e-learning has ensured education goes on uninterrupted while also raising serious issues around the provision of data and bandwidth.

Marcel Fouché, the networking and storage general manager at Networks Unlimited Africa explained how the rise in data consumption before the pandemic has created a race between consumer appetites and the ability of suppliers to provide it. He further embellished the need for data in the training of professionals in technology and medical research.

ProLabs is one of the industry leaders in optical network infrastructure and its solutions are spread across sub-Saharan Africa through Networks Unlimited Africa. The company fully understands the complex network requirements around university digital infrastructures as they adjust to tele-education and e-learning during the  COVID-19 pandemic.

The varying digital infrastructure covers online coursework, enrollment to payment, web applications, research, online coursework, learning, and much more.

According to Fouché, its transceivers range between  1G to 400G while it’s other options support the growth and infrastructural transitions of the institution. This includes the integration of new technology with old or outdated technology.

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