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A look at the companies participating in Labeight* Africa’s inaugural cohort


Tech In Africa has an exclusive look at the companies participating in LabEight* Africa accelerator inaugural cohort, which kicked off this week 14, September 2020.

The participating companies are a mix of industries from Agri-tech to Clean-tech, Ed-tech, Fin-tech, and a social impact eco-friendly company. 40 percent of the companies have a female founder, while all 5 are Africa-based and ardent on solving a social problem.

Participants in the current virtual cohort are part of a structured and individualized program that receives personalized support and mentorship by dedicated advisors. They have the opportunity to network with industry insiders and participate in regular brainstorming sessions, workshops, and peer pitching sessions. This helps foster peer learning and engagement with other founders in the cohort. 

Here’s a closer look at the 5 companies:

A-Trader: A Tanzanian FinTech company developing an AI-powered Platform Digitizing Investments for Africa’s Middle Class. 

Benny & Freddy: A Nigerian based Social Impact company that supports marginalized women and girls with sustainable and eco-friendly menstrual products.  

OneFarm: A Nigerian based AgriTech company leveraging technology through an operator-led platform to empower farmers and promote financial inclusion. 

Quizac:  A Nigerian based EdTech company building a fully gamified learning platform that leverages behavioral technology, for cognitive enhancement.  

Scrapays: A Nigerian based CleanTech company fusing recycling, finance, and technology to facilitate the recovery of recyclable waste and promote sustainability 
Labeight* Africa 2020 Cohort list

2020 has been a disruptive year for everyone. LabEight* Africa has embraced the disruption and pivoted its offering to a virtual one to deliver world-class support to the exciting start-ups. All five companies at this year’s cohort have a high growth potential and are ready to take on the industry challenges they have been positioned to solve.

The disruptive and exciting technologies offered by these upcoming start-ups are a catalyst for inspiration and innovation within our industry in such unprecedented times. The LabEight* Africa pioneers represent a light at the end of the tunnel for the entrepreneurial community amidst one of the world’s worst economic downturns ever recorded.


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