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Q-KON Partners with Intelsat to Promote New Multiple High-Speed Broadband Services in Six South African Countries


TechInAfrica –  As one of the Southern African countries, Namibia is advantaged by the existence of new multiple high-speed broadband services by a South African satellite communications provider, Q-KON. The services will be available using the IntelSatOne Flex for Enterprise platform which combines IntelSat satellite coverage with a cloud-based management system.

Through the platform, Q-KON will deploy fast high-quality broadband across six South African countries including Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Q-KON and Intelsat Broadband Sevices
Q-KON and Intelsat Broadband Sevices via

According to Q-KON, by pairing the improved output by Intelsat’s worldwide network with smaller and more capable hardware, network providers can enhance their networks with lower price and gain more benefits outside urban areas and trunk roads. Consequently, those who are from rural areas such as small business owners, schools, farmers, and lodges can get access to inexpensive high-speed broadband to run their business and social programs.

The two companies, Intelsat and Q-KON will coordinate on promoting the new services. Moreover, Q-KON will work with small regional and wireless ISPs and field partners for the installation and support of end-user equipment.

The Chief Executive of Q-KON, Dr. Dawie de Wet said: “Over the past 18 months, we have evaluated multiple satellite operators and potential technology providers, and we are very pleased with the collaboration with Intelsat,”

“Intelsat truly understood the challenges we were facing in expanding our network and delivered HTS throughput via a service that allows us to tailor our offerings to meet the different requirements of our users. Through this agreement, Q-KON will leverage the advantages of the IntelSatOne Flex platform to define and structure services that solve challenges for customers across multiple verticals.” De Wet added

The Vice President of Intelsat Africa, Brian Jakins also gave his statement about the new services and their partnership with Q-KON. He stated: “Broadband connectivity is spreading rapidly, but it is not spreading equally, as the economics have kept it out of reach in many parts of Africa,”

“The technology to deliver services must be paired with new business models if telecom companies and network operators are to reach remote areas where broadband connectivity can empower economic growth. IntelSat is strongly committed to supporting Africa’s economies with better connectivity, and this collaboration with Q-KON will show how network operators can close the business case and expand enterprise operations, rural banking services and government programmes to unserved areas and bridge the digital divide,” said Jakins.


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