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SA Innovation Summit Announces All the Winners of the Pitching Competitions


TechInAfrica – The annual SA Innovation Summit was held last week in Cape Town. It featured keynotes, networking, and pitching competitions by startups. More than 3,500 delegates from 32 countries and organizers attending the three-day event.

The first pitching competition was organized by the Africa Cup in collaboration with the Unicorn Group. It seeks to support early-stage startups in the tech and tech-enabled sectors. It has selected the winners for the SA Innovation Summit pitching contests. The third winner is Origin Dynamic Systems’ Updraft with its merged AI and legal expertise solution. It was offered R1 million in investment as well as a one-week acceleration program.

Vegetal Signals emerged as the second winner with its solution that monitors stresses in crops using electrical activity from plants. It was offered R2.5 million in investment and a two-week acceleration program in Silicon Valley, Lagos, or Budapest.

Africa Cup Winner- SA Innovation Summit
Africa Cup Second Winner, Vegetal Signals – SA Innovation Summit via

The overall winner of the Africa Cup went to Asilimia with its financial solution for informal traders in Kenya. It received an R5 million in investment and a three-week acceleration program in Silicon Valley, Lagos, or Budapest.

For the ANDZA Entrepreneur competition had selected LiquidGold Africa for receiving R250,000 in cash. LiquidGold Africa provides a solution that extracts nutrients from urine and converts it into fertilizer.

For the Winetch competition, Vegetal Signals won the contest and brought home R150,000 to develop its business.

SA Innovation Summit 2019
SA Innovation Summit 2019 via

On the other hand, the first prize of the Small Enterprise Agency (Seda) Pitch & Perfect Masterclasses and Competition was claimed by Intelligent Safe Technologies with its smart computer-controlled dispensing system solution for high-value retail stock. The startup brought home R300,000 worth of incentives.

Finally, the TIA Inventors Garage that sought for investors had selected Shuri as the winner. Shuri is an enterprise that detects and monitors water leaks using satellite imagery. Shuri walked away with R10,000 in cash.



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