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Scorefam raises $25 million for expansion


The investment firm Global Emerging Markets digital limited, based in the Bahamas, has made a funding commitment of $25 million to the decentralized Nigerian sports betting platform Scorefam.

Because of this financial commitment, Scorefam can increase the number of people it serves, develop additional cutting-edge features, and continue to hire staff with a high level of expertise.

The Chief Operating Officer and one of the co-founders of Scorefam, Sofowora Babasola, has stated that “this cooperation signals a crucial step forward in the company’s future growth.”

By providing sports fans worldwide with financial advantages, we will get closer to achieving our aim of consolidating the sports and crypto gaming industries into a single market. Everyone’s participation in what comes next is something that fills us with genuine joy and anticipation.

People will hopefully be able to achieve the strategic development goals they set for themselves since the money will offer them the financial independence they need to do so.

These intentions involve going ahead with the launch of two more features that have been anticipated, namely Flexible and Multiflex Gaming, continuing to improve our current flagship feature, Locked Gaming, starting work on the NFT and Scorefam NFT marketplace, and carrying out several other unique side projects.

In addition, Scorefam is anticipating using the pledged cash to proceed with the recruitment of exceptional people from all around the world.

They hope to achieve this by establishing a platform for the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies through the use of sports gaming. We believe that by providing a way to benefit passively from the world’s favourite hobby, the developments that the money will enable will be beneficial for those who are just starting in the cryptocurrency industry.

A tenacious mindset, unwavering determination, and a method that is driven entirely by outcomes make up the pillars of our firm. As a result, I am pleased that we could accomplish this feat with the help of our remarkable team and a prominent company such as Global Emerging Markets. 

The investment of this capital marks the beginning of our journey toward accomplishing our goals, going above and beyond them, and developing new and original concepts along the way. The Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Simisoluwa Adeyemo, stated, “with a team like ours and the Global Emerging Markets, we are guaranteed to tackle every hurdle head-on and come out victorious.”

The alternative investing firm known as Global Emerging Markets (often abbreviated as GEM) has locations in Bahamas, Newyork and Paris, New York, and its total assets amount to $3.4 billion. GEM in seven nations has successfully concluded over five hundred and thirty transactions. At the same time, the company manages a diverse array of investment vehicles with a primary focus on developing economies.

There is a wide variety of investment vehicles, each of which has its unique liquidity pool, level of risk-adjusted return and operational control. Through its investment vehicles and family funds, GEM and its partners have access to particular venture investments, as well as Private Investments in Public Equities, Small-Mid Cap Management Buyouts and other types of private equity investments.




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