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State Of Youth, The Global Digital Platform ‘For Youth, By Youth’


TechInAfrica – The platform intended to nurture the global youth community, State Of Youth, will launch at the Nobel Peace World Summit this week. Founded by KidsRight, the new political and religion-free digital ‘stat’ aims to transcend national borders and to empower the global youth community within the age of 13 to 24 years old to act on the world’s most pressing issues. It will prepare the stage for the youth to participate in forums and information sharing to drive changes and bring impact to issues on a global scale. This initiative is set apart from others from the range of its scope and ambition on increasing awareness, build advocacy, and create the action of the millions.

Credit: State of Youth via Facebook

Abraham M. Keita, the youth board member, said: “The State of Youth initiative recognizes the power of young global citizens and the value of our perspectives and proposed solutions to the most important challenges of our time. We are excited to launch this ambitious initiative to drive youth participation in helping to make the world a better place – and call upon young people to join us to get their State of Youth “citizenship” now.”

“Nearly half the world’s population is under the age of 24, but young people’s voices are rarely represented when world leaders are making important decisions about the future. State of Youth is about transcending borders and giving the youth community a seat at the table to drive change. We are very grateful to leverage Facebook to connect State of Youth with a massive global youth audience to ensure that their voices are heard,” said Marc Dullaert, founder of KidsRights and the State of Youth initiative.

Credit: State of Youth via Facebook

So far, State of Youth has been working on its purposes by its Instagram account, such as highlighting key issues for the youth community, and it will host the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related issues while building awareness around it, with the result published in a State of Youth report shared directly with world leaders. It will also provide training and leadership opportunities in civic education for the youth. The platform’s first worldwide preferendum about climate change launched on 21st September on its website during the UN Youth Climate Summit. On 23rd September, world leaders will be presented with the preferendum at the UN General Assembly.



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