Women in Tech and Digital Conference to Take Place in Cape Town


TechInAfrica – Women in Tech and Digital Conference will be hosted by Useful & Beautiful and Women in Tech ZA on June 12, 2019, at the Belmont Square Conference Center, Rondebosch, Cape Town. The conference is purposed for both men and women who play active roles in the technology and digital space and seeking to advance their skills.

The Useful & Beautiful’s Founder & CEO, Lynette Hundermark explained that over the years, many conferences are mostly dominated by male audiences and speakers. Hundermark stated that there were some women doing amazing work but only little of them be found by event organizers.

Useful & Beautiful’s Founder & CEO, Lynette Hundermark
Useful & Beautiful’s Founder & CEO, Lynette Hundermark via

Hundermark told that she had been in tech space for more than 20 years. She is passionate about developing digital products which in line with business goals.

She said that many women tried to reach her out after winning some awards last years. They asked her for mentorship and suggested her to establish a “female role model in tech” event.

Samantha Perry, Co-Founder of Women in Tech ZA said that the organization believes that the conference can be a platform to showcase the expertise and skills of women speakers in the ICT space.

She added, “I’m hoping we will have a useful and fruitful exchange of ideas on the trends of the day, and issues and challenges facing the tech sector, including how to start tackling the diversity issue (and not just gender diversity) that still plagues the sector.

Useful & Beautiful
Useful & Beautiful via

“We’ve been talking about this for five years as Women in Tech ZA, and the industry itself has been talking about it for longer. We’re still nowhere close to bridging the gap and it’s time to start looking at new ways of addressing it.”

Perry highlighted that the conference is not women in tech conferences. She explained, “It’s a tech conference with an all-female line-up because if you go to any other tech conference, the speaker line-up is mainly men and mainly white. We find it frustrating when we raise this and the organizers say they can’t find speakers. Well, here you go. We found them. And we’re doing the same with new speakers for Johannesburg.

“The conference itself addresses issues relevant to everyone in digital and in tech, and we hope to have as diverse an audience as possible to ensure we have engaging discussions which bring a wide variety of views and expertise to bear,” Perry concluded.

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