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Cyril Ramaphosa Supports Huawei’s 5G Projects in South Africa

TechInAfrica – You may have seen our particularly long—but nonetheless insightful—story on how 5G was often deemed as the future of networking despite its potential hindrances in the coming periods. Huawei, partnered with Rain in late February, initially launched South Africa’s first commercial 5G network in Johannesburg and Cape Town. With hopes to cover more major cities—as well as rural parts of the nation—the Chinese tech giant aims to expand its network significance further this year.

During this year’s 4IRSA Digital Economy Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa—particularly in Gallagher Convention Centre—President Cyril Ramaphosa explicitly states that Huawei’s plan on bringing 5G network to the region aligns with his own vision; introducing new opportunities in the fields of economic (and presumably other sectors) via technology development. He also admitted that Huawei’s feud against the US government was a strict example of protectionism to limit successful foreign competitions in the domestic industry. Moreover, you can also read the full story here.

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Huawei will not be victimized again by such regulations on South Africa, because Ramaphosa deemed that the tech conglomerate plays a substantial key role in building a more sustainable networking scene in the country—particularly those of regards to 5G. Ramaphosa also admitted that a number of South African telecommunications companies had also written their concerns about the past trade restrictions issued by US government. As for the moment, Huawei is expected as the only company that can introduce 5G for South African citizens, all the more reason to prioritize its solid, steady advancements.

South Africa cannot afford to have its growth drawn back by regulations that constrict the movements of foreign corporations. Huawei’s role in this sector could pose a great benefit for startups and other telecommunication companies, in ways that might not be exposed to the public yet. In the G20 Summit, however, it is subtly hinted that US will soon lift the trade ban that’s currently applied on Huawei.


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