Influential People in Nigerian Tech 2017

Having a list of top ten achievers in the Nigerian tech sector is the most demand task since some people have worked hard be it in the limelight or behind the scene. A questionnaire was carried out with the people who embrace tech word as part and parcel of them. Here is the list of those who have gained full trust from the community by helping them to solve critical issues.

 Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

Aboyeji’s good works in the past few years have helped him get his name on the list for the past two or three years respectively.  He has helped to develop a number of startups like Flutterwave and Andela. According to, Aboyeji is helping the local to have hope for the future.

 The #ForLoop Army

This is a group of people who are spearheaded by Ridwan Olalere they major in the construction of the largest community of developers and tech enthusiasts, one meet up at a time.  It’s the largest community of software developers and tech enthusiasts across Africa. And they are just getting started. There are already networks, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya.

Mark Essien

Mark operates several projects in the Nigerian tech world including;, and rising talents. His hotel offers the most efficient and interesting internship program in the country. The hotel partners with Akwa Ibom Government to make sure that things have the required flow.

Bosun Tijani

Tijan is one of the founders and CEO of CcHub which is amongst the crucial incubators in Nigeria. The startup played a crucial role in the Mark visit in 2016. Facebook has chosen them again to work in the hub come 2018.

Ire Aderinokun

She is one of the younger leaders in Nigeria. Ire is a self-trained UI/UX and Fronted Developer. At the same time, she is amongst the three Google Developer experts in the country. In 2017 she managed to offer a scholarship to 5 locals to study Udacity Nanodegrees where one Nondegree is offered at $199 per month.

Oo Nwoye

He was one of the brains that brought YC to Nigeria. He once organized an event for all the CEOs and CTOs in the system.

Juliet Ehimuan

She is the brain behind the organization of Google activities in Nigeria like; Google For Nigeria, equipping Nigerians with digital skills, and The Google Launchpad Programs. When away from Google responsibilities she runs a personal initiative Beyond Limits Africa.

Prosper Otemuyiwa

Prosper has a good reputation. He majors mainly on developing communities apart from talking well of Nigeria globally. At the same time, he plays a crucial role at ForLoop.

Maya Horgan Famodu

She is referred to as movers and shakers.She runs a company called Ingressive which works on covering the gap between local startups and international investors. She managed to bring a group from Silicon Valley for the Greeks On A Plane tour to Nigeria.

Shola Akinlade

He runs Paystack which managed to raise $1.3 million from Y Combinator in 2017. The firm guides local startups on how to apply to be registered at Y Combinator that is the world biggest startup.


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