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Aerobotics Releases a New Scouting App, Aeroview InField


TechInAfrica – Aerobotics, has launched a new scouting app, Aeroview InField, recently. The app aims at actively increasing productivity and saving time for farmers to detect and document issues in the field. It is Aerobotics’ newest all-in-one data capturing solution for all-around pest and disease management for farmers as well as the latest AgriTech development solution.

James Paterson, CEO of Aerobotics explains: “Aeroview InField is the latest AgriTech development that will literally save farmers and teams in the field hundreds of hours, increasing productivity with its time-saving technology to detect and document problems in the field.”

James Paterson, CEO of Aerobotics
James Paterson, CEO of Aerobotics via

The purpose of Aeroview InField is to help farmers to do task management on the field easily using advanced crop monitoring with clear visuals. Its algorithm allows farmers to detect problems straight to the stressed trees in the orchard.

When the data is all collected, there are these features called scout missions that allow users (farmers) to assign further on-the-ground assessments and crop treatment to other people in the team. When the farmer receives drone data, a new feature will enable him to create a scouted route and assign it to other people in his team to do a ground assessment and to do crop treatment. This to ensure accountability via data-driven decisions using aerial imagery as it’s GPS-referenced.

Aeroview InField
Aeroview InField via

Stuart Gordon Reid, Aerobotics’ Head of Data Science explains: “As an industry first, Aeroview InField enables us to create a more user-friendly interface where field workers can easily access advanced, high-end agricultural data-capturing technology like never before.”

Aeroview InField is potential for adaptation and can facilitate the upcoming software developments including Drone Scouting. Drone Scouting allows farmers who own or fly drones to collect data anytime they need it. The data is used to identify problems more efficiently and more time-saving without farmers having to manually foot-scout in the orchard themselves.



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