An African Entrepreneur Who Believes In Persistence and Hard Work Rather Than Varsity

Open-Technik, South Africa, Freddy Mahhumane

Open-Technik is an IT startup that uses open source software to offer IT solutions to its clients. The company was founded by Freddy Mahhumane from Gauteng in South Africa. Mahhumane developed an interest when he realized that his success did not rely on varsity. By then he was a student of IT specializing in Software Development. But his urge to have his own company made him drop out his studies.

His game-changing moment came when he became a winner as the Best Newcomer at the global software enterprise company award. This was at the Novell South Africa’s awards. The award motivated him and instilled in him the belief of achieving his dream. Mahhumane had to equip himself with technical skills. This was to enable him to compete favorably with the rest who were already there. He, therefore, made learning in the industry a continuous process.

Open-Technik is operational in the whole country and is having 1,000 customers. Furthermore, the company has developed more than 50 unique software. The company’s major clients are at the North West of SA in Rustenburg. As an upcoming entrepreneur Mahhumane always worked on improving the company. This was to ensure that the company was always above the rest of the market.  He rarely focused on the past achievement. But he rather worked harder than before to stay relevant in the market. However, he admits that his journey has not been a walk in the park. Getting the trust of his customers was the hardest role to play at the beginning. However, hard work and persistence made him achieve what he wanted.

He used a strategic approach to increase the number of his clients. He did that by working with customers who were 10 times above his company. He, therefore, got more respect each moment he signed a bigger client. he also served as a speaker at the StartUpGrind Johannesburg. This is an independent startup community. He used the role to motivate young entrepreneurs through his story. Apart from Open-Technik, Muhhumane has also engaged himself in other different projects like Kool Wash. This one is a digital car wash app developed by him which allows users to get services at home.

Mahhumane challenges the upcoming entrepreneurs to borrow a leaf from the likes of Linux OS administration or JAVA programming. The two can equip them with open source skills and show them the direction the world has taken. He has gone ahead to start up public platforms where he advised the upcoming entrepreneurs. He launched the Community group, Young Black Entrepreneurs on Facebook. This group is working on shaping and improving entrepreneurs by answering various questions. The entrepreneur is now working on an Open Source school for the less privileged youths. The school will offer training on the usage of open source software. The youths will, therefore, understand more about technology. This will help them in creating solutions.


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