African Innovations are not Given Required Attention

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Africa Tech Now is the number one event showing the African entrepreneurship. Nobody knew about the event during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Technology developments in Africa are not given much attention. This is from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But African countries have been ramping up their technology. Most of the technology majors in economic and social issues. The issues might be like job creation and health monitoring.

Governments are in need of the tech-hub status, and this has come to the attention of investors. In 2017 Andela raised $40 million. The money was to connect African web developers with international employees. Andela is a Nigerian based startup. Investment groups are hence buying into other businesses. Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had six startups. The startups were from Tunisia, Mali, and Senegal. Three were innovative; two had slick marketing materials without a product to show. One of them had a great idea but still has to work on many issues.

Lenali is an app developed by computer scientist Mamodou Gouru from Mali. The app is a voice-based. It helps social media addicts to use their voice in running their accounts. Users can select their language, record or type in their name. After which they can post and comment without having to read anything. Lenali can also help people to improve their business. An orange seller can post a photo, then add audio that tells his or her location. He can also ask people who want more information to comment. No writing skills required in carrying out the task. But the app accepts written post. The only disadvantage is that the app cannot read posts loudly. Users can thus rely on friends to post voice comments in case they need translations. Some even need one to read for them and here is where friends are much needed.

There is another Nigerian based app called the E-Citizen app. The app uses audio recordings and photos in the local language. It helps people to navigate taxes, health jobs, and other social systems. For instance, to know to register your baby, you only have to click on the photo and select the language you want. The app works in two local languages and French. E-Citizen hopes to add more languages in the next two years. Kiosks will be created to help people without the devices to use the app.  Senegal uses French as their main language. But most people still cannot communicate in French. So the app is of much help to the locals.

Yeelen Solar Box is a solar-energy generator that can supply energy to ten homes. The generator is a Malawi based idea. The generator is mobile, operates for 24hrs on a single charge. Its made from recycled materials. The generator will be available to the public by 2019 at the cost of $1,820. This innovation will help the locals since electricity is a problem in the country.

Another innovation is 2v360 which gives 360-degree photography. The photography is helpful to tourism businesses and real estates. The Senegal based innovation will give visitors the best view of properties.

There is also SpeedAir in Tunisia. The innovation is a wireless company that connects robots, smart cities and drones.


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