AfriLabs Reaches a Milestone of 100 Hubs

AfriLabs Reaches a Milestone of 100 Hubs

AfriLabs makes the largest admission of the hubs after admitting 40 new hubs into its networking. This admission makes its network of innovation and technology hub to 100 hubs across 30 African countries. It also added six more countries to its list which include Algeria, Mali, Angola, Somali Land, Morocco, and Cote d’Ivoire. Below are the new members of the new members of AfriLabs network from five regions.

Southern Africa

iZone Hub Zimbabwe, Learning Hub Zimbabwe, Shinga Entrepreneurship, Injini South Africa, Y-BECA Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation South Africa, Green Innovation Hub (GiHUB) Zimbabwe, Incubator South Africa, and Softstart Business and Technology.

East Africa

Swahilipot Hub Kenya, Iris Hub Rwanda, Nairobi Garage Kenya, Sahara Accelerator Tanzania, Eldo Hub Innovation Centre Kenya, Wired Startups Morocco, Mashinani Hub Kenya, and Innovate Ventures Somalia.

West Africa

BabyLab Cote d’Ivoire, ALFTech Hub Nigeria, Impact Hub Bamako Mali, DoniLab Mali, Diaspo Hub Mali, Olotu Square Nigeria, Digital Development Hub Nigeria, Tribe Nigeria, CoLab Nigeria, Tentmaker Ghana, iCODE Ghana, Roothub Accelerator Systems Nigeria, Uplift Hub Nigeria, Aiivon Innovation Hub Nigeria, Honode Hub Ghana, Civic Foundation for Innovation Nigeria, Passion Incubator Nigeria, Innovation Growth Hub Nigeria, and Founders Hub Nigeria.

Central Africa

Kivu Hub Congo-Kinshasa, NexGen Technology Center Cameroon, and Altoufikh International Chad.

North Africa

Cairo Hackerspace Egypt, Sylabs Algeria, and Incubme Algeria.

Wrapping it up

From the list, it is clear that West Africa has the highest. AfriLabs has dedicated its work to building and developing a community a community of tech hubs for seven years now. The hubs build those that share knowledge, partner, build capacity and network to develop entrepreneurs who are successful. The entrepreneurs should be in a position to create jobs and come up with innovative solutions to problems in Africa. AfriLabs executive director Anna Ekeledo said that the group was happy for the hub’s continuous success. She added that AfriLabs started in 2011 with five hubs and 2018 they are now celebrating 100 hubs. She also took note of the great support they are receiving from their network members, entrepreneurial community, and the tech community.


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