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Edutech and crowdsourcing startup Sayna secures investment funding and support


Madagascar edutech Sayna has secured financial, technical, and organizational support from Miarakap and I&P Acceleration Technologies. The support is aimed at amplifying its impact and developing two parts of that strategy; the online trading and “microtasking” platform.

 I&P Acceleration Technologies is a program dedicated to African digital startups and first launched in 2019. Thus far it has financed and supported five African digital startups in Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, and Madagascar. Sayna is the sixth company to join its portfolio. Miarakap is an impact investment company working to finance and support high-potential SMEs in Madagascar.

Sayna started in 2018 to offer quality training in Africa’s digital sector and bridging the gap between the demand and the supply of digital talent. The company has set an ambitious 2024 plan that looks to introduce 8000 people across Africa into the digital industry and a further 3500 to work on the microtasking platform and meet the needs of over 300 SMEs and startups in the francophone area.

Matina Razafimahefa, Sayna’s CEO expressed pride in their accomplishments and expressed confidence in the newfound understanding of the market, particularly offering a solution that will “reinvent access to the job market for junior developers.”

I&P Acceleration Technologies program is supported by AFD through the initiative Digital Africa. The program looks to contribute to the emergence of the first African startups.



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