Largest Exchange Platform in Africa add XDCE Token to its Currency Lineup


Golix which is a pan African digital currency trading site has added the XDCE token in its exchanges. The move is in line with its aim to expose Africa to various cryptocurrencies. XDCE is now the 9th digital currency to get listed on the exchanger. Just like the other tokens on Golix, XDCE tokens will be available in the seven Africa’s countries where Golix has its services. Launched by XinFin, XDCE is a token based on Ethereum. XDC is a local catalyst to run a number of network features on XinFin hybrid blockchain. Furthermore, it is using blockchain technology to allow international trade and finance on platform referred to as

One can use XDC token to run different infrastructure projects at platform. XDC and XDCE are both swappable at the same ratio at digital exchange. Listing of XDCE by Golix increases the global presence of XinFin to the highest growing African economy. Additionally, it extends XinFin’s use case to a continent whose growing market has a significant requirement for transactional, efficient and cost-effective solutions. According to product manager of Golix, Yeukayi Kusangaya, the relationship between XinFin and Golix is strategic for fintech globally.

Kusangaya said that Golix strongly believes in the extension of the financial economy across Africa. It has incorporated cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as the resources to achieve the milestone. He added that XinFin had shown the same values embracing blockchain solutions in the fintech world. XinFin’s Ecosystem Development and Community Manager said that the platform is thrilled to partner with Golix and they believe that the partnership will be of help to its growing African community to trade XDCE rather than the other major cryptocurrencies. Trading of XDCE is possible for anyone that has Golix account. Users, where Golix is live, can buy it on

XinFin has an independent community of contributors consisting of long-term backers, tech developers, and network utility. XDCE is a utility network that allows ventures to deploy real-world applications on Hybrid Blockchain Protocol. It is used in healthcare, supply chain, remittance, finance, trade and various industrial areas to improve the efficiency of the business. Furthermore, it offers visibility to different host venture subnetworks on a scalable and permission environment for transactions privately. Developers are encouraged by the XDC Dev Environment to put up DAPPs by the use of smart contracts. XDCE is also listed on CoinMarketCap that provides and promotes an informative study of tokens.

Golix, a Pan African fintech firm, runs a cryptocurrencies exchange with a similar name. It was founded by Verengai Mabika and Tawanda Kembo in December 2014 in Zimbabwe as BitFinance. It was the first Bitcoin Company in Zimbabwe. It is now available in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, and Cameroon. Its clients use its site to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the use of deposits. The traded cryptocurrencies are used for international payments from and remittance to countries in Africa. Its goal is to offer every African a financial autonomy. It ensures that providing the infrastructure that provides access to cryptocurrencies. It acts as a link between the digital currencies and ubiquitous channels that influences the global economy and conventional payment methods.


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