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Phase3 Telecom Upgrades Its Network Technology to Boost Seamless Connectivity in Nigeria


TechInAfrica – Phase3 Telecom has announced the upgrade of its strategic network technology in order to boost seamless regional and multi-location connectivity in Nigeria. The telco provider targets to expand the scope of its enterprise solutions so that it can improve user portfolio of MSMEs, service sectors, as well as multinational companies. The effort is in line with the country’s attempt to enhance broadband penetration to improve communications.

Phase3 Telecom is the largest independent fiber-optic infrastructure and telecommunications services provider in West Africa. The network upgrade is in addition to its previous network scalability measures.

Stanley Jegede, the chairman of Phase3 Telecom
Stanley Jegede, the chairman of Phase3 Telecom via

“The chief goal of Phase3 technology upgrade is to ensure “robust network infrastructure, scalability, interconnect operational capacity, resilience, service optimization and coverage that will enhance communications and connectivity projects across multiple locations to support more start-ups, growing businesses and institutions to boost economic growth and increase the successes of the national broadband penetration plan,” said Stanley Jegede, CEO of Phase3 Telecom.

The upgrades technology network is part of the company’s commitment to leveraging its aerial fiber network investment for seamless and faster connectivity service deployment while at the same time driving collective efforts for greater penetration of the similar services in the underserved and unserved areas.

Jegede said that besides the enhanced network data transmission distance and bandwidth capabilities for point-to-multi-point access, network security and speed connectivity are behind the technology upgrade and the future plans of service expansion. The details for the plan will be communicated in due course.



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