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A Recent Report Reveals the Fast Growing IT Spend in South Africa


TechInAfrica – According to the South Africa 2019 report conducted by, there is a high increase in IT spend in South Africa than the economy in 2019. The report also reveals that customers’ interest in technology and ICT sector continue to increase. Even more, it shows a growth rate that is higher than the GDP of the country.

As there’s a growing interest in technology, cybersecurity has become one of the most priority noting that South Africa becomes the third most targeted country in the world for cyber attacks, according to global statistics. These cyber attacks affect many organizations in the country.

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Emerging and growing trends provide many opportunities for both small and big companies in the ICT sector, including in telecommunications, data center revenues, as well as artificial intelligence and internet of things. As to these trends and opportunities, startups take the role as the innovators.

It is predicted that are several technologies that will lead the South African ICT Industry in 2019. They include fintech banking, blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Those technologies will take the lead in digital transformation, improving customer experiences and online purchasing in the country.

The report focuses on the IT industry, such as hardware manufacturing, assembly, and supply; software development and supply; as well as retail sales of hardware and software. Furthermore, it analyzes the state and size of the industry, new technologies and innovations, trends, as well as things that affect the success of the IT sector.



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