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Tanzania Startup Association(TSA) to add value to the local business ecosystem


Tanzania has launched the Tanzania Startup Association (TSA), an umbrella membership-based organization that will unite players in the local startup environment. The association aspires to bring together small, medium, and large scale businesses, social enterprises, innovation hubs, venture capital, and private equity firms across Tanzania.

Zahoro Muhaji, who is known for his entrepreneurship credentials is the CEO. He is a prominent figure in the startup ecosystem where his role of assisting young entrepreneurs is revered. Dr. Goodwill Wanga, the Executive Secretary for the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC), welcomed the move by speaking at its launch. Wanga revealed that TSA hopes to add new young entrepreneurs and businesses to the nation’s private sector.

Among the leaders of the organization was Paul Makanza, the non-executive chairman of Tanzania Cigarette Co Ltd, Lulu Ngwanakilala CEO of Legal Services Facility, and board members Faith Pella (Head of Mobile Financial Services at Tigo), Tunu Kinambo (CSO of CSI Energy Group), just to mention a few.

How to become a member of TSA

The startup accepts members on a rolling basis where one first fills the TSA membership application form. TSA then contacts the applicant to validate the authenticity of the information submitted. Once validated, the applicant is granted membership status. You can fill in the membership application form here.

Members at TSA will have access to bi-monthly meet-ups and informal catch-up sessions. An open public TSA forum will be hosted for startups, both small and medium-sized enterprises.


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