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Truecaller now has 43 million active users in Africa, launches enterprise product


On the backdrop of launching a new enterprise solution, Truecaller announced it has 43 million active users across the African continent. According to a statement, the company attributed the growth to the increased number of smartphone users and their desire to limit fraud and scams by tackling spoofed identities across the continent.

Businesses have also adopted a new identity solution that bolsters their safety and while eliminating fraudulent and scam calls. Zakaria Hersi, who is also the director for business development in Africa, pointed out fraud as a major issue for the company. He pointed put how Truecaller wants to provide solutions at a “business level” and “personal level”. The verification process ensures customers only land calls that are 100% trustworthy and initiated for a certain business. With time this should reduce fraud and scams happening over the phone.

Truecaller Business Identity is the new enterprise solution for businesses to verify their identities through a green verified business badge that accurately presents their photo, name, and organization logo.

The Swedish company hopes the new verified badge will assist African startups present who they are to customers.

Truecaller against harrasment

In March, Truecaller took up newspaper space and billboards across Nairobi to promote the ‘Against harassment’ initiative. The company was responding to the research that shows 1 in 5 women across Kenya receive inappropriate calls, mostly sexual in nature.




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