Women in the Game World: Siddiqa Samsoodien of Sportingbed encounters discrimination with a smile

Clarion Gaming strengthen the role of women in the gaming industry regionally and internationally using the perceptiveness of the most influential figures via

TechInAfrica United Kingdom, August 16, 2018/– On South Africa’s Women’s Month, Clarion Gaming mentioned to keep on enhancing women’s role in the gaming business, both regionally and internationally by using insights from a few of the most influential women. It will be held on 24 and 25 October at the Sandton Convention Centre, South Africa.

CS Supervisor of Sportingbet, Siddiqa Samsoodin remarked: “I have experienced many obstacles at my workplace and it became way much harder as I became a mother. As a part of sports business, many men would think they understand more than you do, like ‘who scored first in the game?’ and ‘What does handicap mean?’. They often ask such questions in a hope to make us unable to answer them so that they can correct us. This is absolutely incorrect!

She added, “To respond to this, we have to do it confidently because we know that we do understand it”. She added again,” It is our mission to fight and prove that as women, we are worthy enough to be in the business. On an occasion, I once spoke my opinion about Chelsea’s winning chances on the league. Men look at me with a surprised look.

Siddiqa talks more on her current role at Sportingbet: “It is always a challenge to gain respect from men, including male customers. I have this strong feeling to prove myself so that I can get a respect in the position. I wouldn’t be here if I had no passion for it nor did I know nothing about it. It is often as women, we have to face discrimination on our daily basis and we also have to handle it with a smile.

“It does not seem to be fair, indeed. However, I learned how to deal with it. What the best I could do in the past is to let my action speak for it. I understand myself better than they do and what I am capable of. I will pass this lesson to my female fellows and daughter one day. I am very fortunate to have this opportunity at this young age today and to have very supportive male co-workers who believe in me. To have a support system can make a big difference and chances for women in the working world.”

Speaking of her daily obstacles in the business, she remarked: “I often hold myself back and think it over through myself first, ‘Is it worthy enough’? I take it as a challenge that I need to face and deal with every day. Of course, I used to work with men who false assumed me in the past, but now I am working with male and female colleagues who are very supportive towards me. There is a good change and improvement, though small. What stops women the most from dreaming is she with her self-doubt.”

She added: “We have to stop being doubt-self and put more confidence because it is a key to be successful. As women, realistically, it is harder to obtain credibility than men. Even so, we know how to deal with it. We often have to put extra work to gain the same acknowledgment from our male colleagues. It seems to be how the reality is for us, but we can use it as a challenge to have a self-improvement. As both women and mothers, we have to deal with the challenges as it makes a strong character. Moreover, it increases both our personal and professional development. As women, we have to realize that we have a lot to give and times have already changed. The discrimination and bias will always be there, but what’s the most important is how we face it. I like to say ‘you are the worst enemy of yourself’ – as we have been facing tons of challenges, don’t worsen it with self-doubt.”

Siddiqa then made her conclusion: “I want to inspire young professionals and young females in a male-dominated business field not to give up their dreams. Always put your best effort and keep on being true to yourself. No matter how many people have doubted and underestimated you, don’t let the noises take over yourself. Keep on being the best and achieve your goals. Speak up your mind and opinions bravely. You don’t always have to say “yes”, be brave to say “no” if you disagree.

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