Things that Kenyan Entrepreneur Joanne Mwangi Looks at Before Investing in a Business

Joanne Mwangi, Kenya

Joanne Mwangi launched her company at the age of 26 years after securing her employment. She is the newest investor in KCB Lion’s Den, a TV show in Kenya.  Furthermore, she is the Professional Marketing Service Group’s CEO. The group has been an operation for the last 14 years. It has managed to make strong footprints in Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. Mwangi takes us through the journey to her becoming one of the successful entrepreneurs in Kenya. Furthermore, she explains why she decided to use her private money to assist youths to stay out of their venture dreams.

Mwangi says that her mission was to meet young entrepreneurs and share with them her personal experience. She did that with a hope that they will borrow from it. Her main point was to enlighten the youths that time was more crucial than money. She adds that she is looking forward to having many female entrepreneurs sign up for the season three of the Den. But according to Trends and Insight for Africa (TIFA) study, women carry out more research compared to their male counterparts. This is the main ingredient to the business successes though people do not use it. She adds that women fear taking risks and if they could change it and give it the same approach as men then they are destined for success.

It has not been a bed of roses when it comes to entrepreneurs instilling trust and bravery in their businesses. But for those who manage to be successful in instilling in them, the two have come out as winners. She adds that her main point of focus as an investor when one is carrying out presentation is on how one is factual. Entrepreneurs should be well vast with their business financial status and demands. However majorly she looks at an idea that works on solving a common problem. Smart ways are key to entrepreneurship. This is where individuals use technology to offer solutions to given problems. She adds that the business ideas must be in a position to create job opportunities for many individuals rather than for themselves only.

She does not have time for untrustworthy individuals. Those who time and again give statements that are contradicting during their presentations. Mwangi says that entrepreneurs value their business just the way they value their self-esteem and themselves. For an entrepreneur to value his business he has to first understand the weight of the problem he is solving. Entrepreneurs should not rely on loans rather they should source for investors.

She says that she at the start of her business she did not give a room for guidance. This leads her to fail in her quest to make her business a success. She became successful after opening her doors for guidance which made her learn a lot every time. She challenges the young entrepreneurs to always ask for guidance from every corner. According to her, being employed in a well-managed organization helps an entrepreneur nature professionalism and get skills needed to come up with private business. She uses her experience from Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association where she served as the chair to say that women face the same challenges their male entrepreneur’s counterparts do face. This is an exception of socio-cultural challenges that are specifically faced by women. What differentiates them from the male is the approach they give to the problems. Many women entrepreneurs tend to give the problems personal approach making them not to be able to withstand emotions at their workplace. She adds that women should learn to be confident and value themselves.

Lastly, Mwangi says that she will always make herself available to offer a chance to the entrepreneurs to watch her handle situations both at her social or job places. This will help them learn from her.

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