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Basalt Establishes Team Finder for Access to on-demand Technology Skill

credit: Basalt

TechInAfrica – Basalt presents a new solution that is probably liked by small businesses. Basalt, the local technology specialist, formerly known as Black Beard launched a Team Finder with changing operating systems. 

This solution is not for supervising team members but for accessing the staff on demand (SOD) in the form of remote software developers, business analysts, product managers, and designers that can drive innovation and support existing teams. 

Wayne Zwiers, CEO of Basalt explained that Basalt investigated the growing demand for skillful developers and IT innovators who can add value to businesses by functioning the intelligent and scalable “staff on-demand” model.

He added that businesses in all sectors are covering shared personnel as the way to increase the growth and reduce the cost. Also, to have access to the Basalt Team Finder platform that enables businesses and teams to discover the skillful person for the company invention plan. 

Basalt point put its advantage in having a wide range of technology specialists across the world. Those tech specialists can present high quality and designed technology solutions for various clients on an outsourced basis. 

Regarding this current condition, this model will be increasing in a few next months. The ‘Staff on-demand’’ solution becomes essential since the global business workforce environment adapts and embraces the leaner and on-demand recruitment approach. 

According to Basalt’s CEO, all companies now should take the chance of using a new way to recruit staff without depending on the traditional way. Companies that quickly adapt to the new solution and dynamic models have more opportunities to innovate their way out of economic challenges. 



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