Morocco’s Agadir Technopark for startups is almost completion


This new technological hub – Agadir Souss-Massa – will help young entrepreneurs cheaply rent the ready-to-use premises while providing support and training.

The construction of Agadir Technopark is progressing well. The park covers a 10,000 square meter area with a capacity to accommodate 80 companies with dedicated spaces for conferences.

Agadir Technopark is located in Tilila Bab El-Madina district and aims to help young entrepreneurs cheaply rent ready-to-use premises. This will be accompanied by support and training.

Small and medium-sized businesses in information and communications technology are mainly targeted by the technopark. This marks the new era of development that is focused on innovation and future-proof enterprises.

Before constructing the Agadir project, the government unveiled Agadir project in Casablanca, Tangier, and Rabat. Only two years after the Tangier project was launched, it now hosts over 100 companies with rent for start-ups at $5.67 per square meter.


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